The Fountain Runneth Over

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The Precious was given the nickname “Pee Fountain” the other day. I am not sure if this is better or worse than the nickname “Poo Foot,” which she was given as a tiny kitten. I had two nice floor pillows, but they got picked off (pissed off? No, pissed on.) one at a time over the past two weeks.

I came to the realization over Thanksgiving that I did not have a good general purpose cookbook. I have a number of specialty cookbooks (mostly vegetarian, but some bread and chicken thrown in there for good measure) and a few recipes, but nothing with fairly generic recipes. At what temperature do you cook turkey? How do you make cookies? Heck, I do not even know how to cook most kinds of fresh [shell]fish. I passed up the Joy of Cooking, which seemed a little dated. I also passed up The Best Recipe book, which was a one of the store-featured cookbooks, which looked pretty darn good and was my first choice for a while. I then settled on the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, entirely for superfluous presentation reasons. It had fewer recipes than the big Best Recipe book, but features full color pages, is in a three-ring-binder format, and has section tabs! Section tabs!

Ick. I have been semi-sick since a day or two after Thanksgiving, which was okay when I did not have work to go to, but not so fun today.

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