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It has been a couple of weeks since I made a “real” post about stuff going on in life. Two weekends ago, Kim made some yummy Indian food as a belated birthday dinner. The rice was simple, yet tasty. The eggplant dish was quite close to a dish I had at Swagat's buffet a few days ago–both in content and quality. All-in-all, a thumbs up. I think we will be attempting to cook more Indian food in the future.

Saturday was Euphoria Studios one year anniversary party. Kim and I lured Brandon into it. I have to apologize to him, though. I was under the impression that it would be more of an open-house/party sort of thing with people hanging around and perhaps some dancing going on in the background. I was not really expecting it to be a talent show. Nor was I expecting it to be a talent show that used an excruciatingly way-too-long amount of time on the beginner class. Just as we were becoming numb from the folding chairs and Brandon was leaving, Brian, Eric, and Liam showed up. They got to see Diana dance, which was a stark contrast to the rest of everyone. Just as the talent show started to turn into a party (with music along the lines of what you might find in an 80's, gothic, and/or industrial club), we headed out to The Basement for a few beers, then over to my place for pie–at which point I became narcolepsy boy.

Last night, Kim and I had dinner at a friend's house, where we dined on a very tasty pie made of vegetables and beans as well as a chocolatey chocolate cake with berries on top. I had espresso made in a little contraption like the inverse of a Turkish coffee thinger. We came home and watched Hell House and proceeded to be scared by the religious right. This was followed by a good, deep discussion of the film, the people of the midwest, why the coasts seem to be more open/multicultural/metropolitan/liberal, and the role of the church in society. This was then followed by an episode of Millennium. I forgot to point out the oroboros on the cover as the logo of the series and how much I like saying oroborosoroborosoroborosoroborosoroboros.

In today's news, Delicious Monster released Delicious Library, which means I can now quickly and easily keep track of my DVDs and books, as well as who is borrowing what. I guess I get to find out how well the webcam-based barcode scanner works, when I get home from work tonight. The happy thing is that it stores everything in a HaX0r-friendly XML format, so expect good webby things based on that database (assuming I have the free time). Also, it seems that Handspring/Palm is pre-selling their Treo 650. Unfortunately, it is the version locked into Sprint and not the open GSM-chip based one, so I must continue to wait.

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