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It seems that the folks at Punk Voter have put up a pretty good billboard. Not only is it one of the few billboards that actually exists in the city limits, it is right off of the Burnside Bridge. It shows Kerry as pro-choice and Bush as anti-choice, which sounds much more correct and realistic than the euphemistic and politically correct “pro-life.”

So, it turns out that while there are contribution caps of about $5K that limit how much an individual or company can give to the candidates for election-related activities, no such caps exist for post-election expenses. Basically, once the election becomes a legal battle, big companies and big people can shovel boatloads of money at the candidates who will then pass it along to the lawyers. With this in mind, when do you think the election will “really” be over–the court cases about voter registrations, provisional ballots, and faulty computers come to a conclusion and we can reliably say “the next President of the US is _____?”

This weekend was all about having people over for scary movies. Rosemary's Baby was a moralistic tale that teaches us that witches are inherently evil and congregate in groups called “covens” to worship Satan. When not worshipping the devil, they fill their time with hexing people with blindness, coma, and death. It also teaches us that being a good little Catholic will help you overcome just about everything, save being impregnated by Beelzebub. Also, it had almost as much nekkid as Swimming Pool, which in retrospect is not terribly surprising considering it was a product of the 60's. Also in the DVD player was Phantasm–which had some great concepts that could have been fleshed out a bit more and perhaps could have had a less disappointing/confusing/HUH? ending–and Resident Evil.

I keep re-watching the trailer for the Lemony Snicket movie.

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