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I have two gigantic pumpkins and two pumpkin pies in the oven.

Strange things have been afoot lately. There was the last lunar eclipse until 2007. The Red Sox won the World Series. Election day falls on Dia De Los Muertos. What does it all mean?

Last night, Kim and I ate at La Calaca Comelona (the hungry skeleton). The atmosphere was good. The food was decent. The food was not really worth the prices, though. My Levanta Muertos was basically spicy chicken, plantains, green pepper, and onion on a bed of rice and beans. Filling and tasty–but not $18 worth of tasty.

Later we went to see The Grudge, which had some good jumpy moments, but really was not terribly scary. It was even less scary afterward, when we started analyzing it. There were plot holes, there were inconsistent characters, and the whole movie we were sitting there, waiting for Buffy to make a smartass comment and start kicking ass, which, sadly, did not happen.

It turns out they are making a movie based on Lemony Snicket's books. The website is flashy and good–and very much in that neo-Victorian style I so enjoy. The trailer is available, too, for those that do not want to slog through the navigation of the site. Watch the trailer! It is good! It looks like it roughly covers the first three books.

Jude Law plays Lemony Snicket. Now, I am not sure how the author (even one with a pen name) ends up in the movie of a book he wrote, but it sounds kind of nifty. I am guessing his part will be constrained to the opening and closing of the film. Brandon and other haters of Jim Carrey will be happy to know that Mr. Carrey plays a second-rate bad actor who is only after money. The kids, much like the kids in the Harry Potter films, are no-name actors that will probably follow the child-star path of being bitter adults that nobody knows or recognizes. At any rate, I know where I will be on December 17!

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