Good morning! Wakey Wakey!

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Last night: aimless wandering and coffee. In fact, I think I did that coffee thing where you get so much caffeine you blow past “wired” and loop back around to “tired.”

This morning: For some reason, I got up at 7am without an alarm prodding me out of bed. The weather is a lovely sort of dreary this morning. It is overcast and damp, but not raining. It is cool, but not cold. The walk down to the deli for coffee was wonderful. While it looks like it may be threatening rain sometime soon, it is still quite comfortable enough to wander around with a lightweight shirt, without a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket.

I was a productive little monkey this morning. Various bits of housework that I have been putting off are done. One of the kitty litter boxes is finally making a slow migration out of the bedroom. (They used to have to eat separately, so each would get locked in a room with food and a cat box.) The laundry is done. The bathroom is clean.

I hope to continue that productivity into the afternoon. The plan is to go get the phone number for the house for rent up near Eric, then wander around, looking for the other ones in the Hawthorne area. This seems a lot more straightforward than the online listings, which are pretty scant on details and location.

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