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The weekend was magnificent, but that is all I am going to say right here, right now.

I cannot wait until Airport Express is released! [MacNN] [Apple] I will finally be able to have a “real” music solution downstairs instead of a fragile, jury-rigged setup involving Nicecast and a second computer.

Random: Take a tour of the East Portland industrial district with Chris

citizenx pointed out that They Might be Giants will be playing at The Bite of Oregon, whatever that is. (The website is pretty sparse.) There seem to be a lot of festivals up here: The Rose Festival, a beer festival specific to Portland, an international beer festival, a jazz festival or two, and now this. I am not complaining, just confused as to why we did not get these kinds of things in The OC. Well, I can make a pretty good guess, and it has everything to do with sense-of-community and class differences.

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