Lunatics, Loot, and Language

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This is a really cool, haunting, cover of “The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum” on whatever net radio station this is. I did not realize this was on Collide's latest album, but will have to add this to the list of reasons to buy it soon.

$1000, if you can find the treasure. So far, the path has led around the 205 and up into the south of Lake O.

Last night's dream was strange and got progressively more and more vivid. Why are all my super-vivid dreams about strange books, writing systems, and weird logic. Anyway, it started in a desert-type place. There was a machine buried in rock. While the desert was hard, flat rock, the particular geological structure that held the machine was a chest-high “bump” that looked as if the rock had been melted, formed into a narrow, but tall, chest-high hill, then left to cool and harden. It also looked like it had happened thousands of years ago. Encased in this outcropping, which had naturally chipped away in a few places so you could see, was a bright red high-tech-looking jet engine. I did not get to touch it, so was not sure if it was made of metal or plastic, as its shine could have indicated either.

A few other engines, similar in design, but extremely crude in comparison, were also scattered about. A couple even had little robot passengers sitting on them, although the little robots resembled wind-up toys from the 50's.

A little bit later there was a language composed of a “grid” of hexagons, like tiles. The “letters” (or pictograms or symbols or whatever you want to call them) were suspended in mid-air, but would scroll around the… room? air? sky? At one point, there was a right-angle corner they had to flow around (if it is at all important: it was a concave corner, sort of like the corner of a room, rather than a convex one, like the outside of a building or awning.)

Anyway, most of the time this “grid” was blank, and therefore invisible. I am not sure if the grid existed as a solid physical object, or was just a path the messages traveled on. Messages would scroll by, like those electronic stock ticker displays, and were composed of some of those hex tiles in solid colors, usually clumped together in circle-like shapes. Sometimes, the center or an edge of one of these “circles” would be a tile with a little pictogram of some kind in it. Somehow, the colors and pictures worked together to form messages (sentences?). For instance, I was able to decode (I have no idea *HOW*) that the pictogram that looks like a tulip stood for “everything.” I was trying to figure out how “everything” fit in with the multi-color hex tiles that surrounded it, as well as which symbol meant the opposite, “nothing,” when I woke up.

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