“Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil”

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Stuff I forgot to include in my entry last night:
The Swagat in NW is much different than the Swagat in Beaverton. Like, 180-degrees different. For those back home, it is sort of like the difference between Laxsmi Sweets & Spices and …erm… TGI Friday's. Seriously. The one in Beaverton is a nice quaint little house that has been converted into a restaurant. You can sort of see the history of it–how it became what it is from what it was, told through little visual cues you do not consciously notice. The one in NW looks like someone took a TGI Friday's (or insert the name of some other lame, generic, after-work sports-bar-slash-restaurant), redecorated it a bit, then replaced the chef staff. The food is just as tasty at both places, but the atmosphere is completely different. The NW location just seems a bit sterile. Strangely enough, I would have expected them to be flip-flopped, with a Beaverton location being brand new and a NW location having a visible history lurking in the shadows.

citizenx brought up an awesome quote: “Of course! Lager! The only thing that can kill a vindaloo!” (Bonus question: name the source!) I had a porter…shoulda' had the lager. 🙂

Vanilla rice milk as coffee creamer: not as good as whole milk, not as bad as vegetable broth.

Today consisted of: a pot of coffee, Coffee and Cigarettes, then a cigarette. Yes, it was light out and I was not even drinking, but after the movie, it seemed like a moral imperative! Tom and Iggy were awesome! Cate and Cate was well done (either I was Captain Oblivious again, or they did a really good job–I did not realize they were both the same person until the credits). Steve Buscemi, Bill Murray, all good.

Also, I learned today that “bank cards only” means “credit cards only” which, in turn, means “no ATM/debit cards,” at least according to Tri-Met. All the ticket dispensers are labeled with one of the above, yet they all behave the same when presented a debit card versus a credit card.

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