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After complaining for a year or two that AvantGo has been dragging their feet on releasing a Palm conduit that works under OS X, I finally found a reasonable alternative. Plucker does basically the same thing, but works under Linux, Windows, and OS X…as well as a bunch of other things like OS/2. Plus, guess what? It’s Open Source. The learning curve might be a little difficult for some users, but it ends up being much more powerful, flexible, and solid than AvantGo. (Can something be both flexible and solid? Aren’t those, technically, opposites?) Add to that the fact that it also views eBooks of various formats, and really, what more do you need? The only thing it doesn’t do, which AvantGo can do (and pretty much required me to do because of the lack of a synchronization conduit) is synchronize over the air, which is nice but shouldn’t be essential.

I made Dijon Deviled Eggs today. Very simple. Very tasty. I still need to build up a reasonable for-paper (as opposed to for-screen) transform for the recipes. In other food news, Annie’s Mild Mexican Shells & Cheddar is surprisingly good. Sure, it is pretty darn mild as far as Mexican food goes, but they seem to have gotten a great combination of spices. If only the ingredients said more than “spices,” I could use them in my own creations.

The vacuum is broken. It seems the spinning brushes do not spin anymore. I have completely disassembled and reassembled the thing, and it turns out that although the brushes are free to spin and the belt is still present and in good condition, the pulley that is supposed to be at the other end of the belt seems to be AWOL. The metal peg coming from the motor at that end of the belt spins freely, against said belt, and heats up considerably, causing just a touch of rubber smoke. I had noticed the smell for quite a while (you can really only smell it when cleaning gunk from the brushes), but now know the source. If you add in the fact that the adjustable wheel height no longer adjusts–the brushes are about as far from the carpet as they can be, and generally useless anyway–it would seem I may need a new vacuum. One that is stair-friendly.

Hmmm…what to do tonight? Kate is studying. I left Eric a voicemail this afternoon, but I am not even sure he is in town. Maybe I will try a new coffee shop. Maybe not. We’ll see.

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