Pants, Recipes, Tabasco, and Freebasing

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Mental note: don’t try to bathe Ebenezer when wearing white pants.

I watched Abre Los Ojos tonight. It was pretty much Vanilla Sky, verbatim, only in Spanish. Penelope Cruz played the same character in both versions. Vanilla Sky had a bigger budget and, surprisingly, seemed to have a little better character development. Abre Los Ojos had an extra gunfight scene.

After bitching, a few days ago, about the crazy existing recipe XML formats out there, I finally did something about it. I created my own, like so many others before me. The format, named superrecipexml, is pretty much all about the presentation layer. No, you cannot do an XPath or XML-DB search for “all recipes that utilize <= 2 tablespoons of marjoram.” No, you cannot set up a recipe superset that says “this lasagne goes great with this side-dish and this desert.” But I say: who gives a crap? The format is SIMPLE and does not require a specialized XML editor or degree in rocket science. As I said, it is more about the presentation and less about the normalization of data fields. Anything that can contain text more than a sentence has the XHTML “body” tag set embedded, so you can go crazy-loco-insane with markup. Now, really, I could have probably done much the same with a bunch of HTML

tags and a stylesheet, but I am an XML and HTML purist. I would rather just put the data in the XML, the presentation in the HTML, and the garnish (for those browsers that support it) in the CSS. At any rate, the first few recipes are here: I do not really expect anyone else to pick up and use the format, but just in case they do, I have all the relevant DTDs and XSL Transforms. Plus, check out the sample recipes. You may want to make them yourself. I have published the veggie lasagne recipe previously, but the veggie casserole is just now climbing onto the EntarWeb for the first time. You can safely ignore the Pot Pie until I get quantities and other specifics in there, unless you are brave.

Currently, I am part-way into the pilot episode of Roswell. The alien kids eat up Tabasco like candy. I love it already, only would like it more so if it were Chipotle Tabasco. Why is it that the baby Tabasco bottles are more fun than the normal size ones? The single-serving bottles are just so much more cool, yet so much more wasteful. It’s not really like you can recycle them. The little baby bottles of green Tabasco are just as cool. They need to do the same with the Garlic and the Chipotle. Anyway, so far (33 minutes in), the show looks pretty nifty, if a little high-school-cheezy.

Don’t freebase the pretzel salt at the bottom of the box. And I will sign off with this snipped of earlier converstaion: the cat has now taken the drain filter thing out of the tub/shower upstairs and is parading it around the house. Tomorrow morning, before the shower, it is going to be like an Easter egg hunt, only with one egg, and that egg is not an embryo, but a shiny metal filter that catches my hair and prevents me from buying Draino. Oh, and if my ears are correct, it is now lost under the stove.

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