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The fun thing about writing an online comic generator is that I do not have to come up with any jokes myself. I can just skim the logs and post funny ones.

There are a few things these cats have no concept of. Or rather, they barely have the shadow of a concept of. They are chained to their cave (locked up in the house) and only able to indirectly observe occurrences outside. For instance, they really do not understand wind. They can see it moving things and act as if the leaves and debris are alive. When confronted directly with air coming out of a fan, they have absolutely no clue what it is or how they should react. They sort of alternate between attacking, running away, and standing there confused. Another thing they have no concept of is the toilet seat, or rather the toilet seat in the upright position. In this house, it is always down. Obviously, the toilet is a kitty-jumping platform to get up to the sink for a drink. It has no other purpose. Of course, when someone comes over and leaves the seat up, their world is shattered and the ever-reliable “shelf” becomes a “pool.” Ebenezer came racing downstairs this afternoon, drenched, leaving little wet footprints behind him. I could not stop laughing.

Everyone agrees that the way to signal “your brights are on” is to flash your brights at the car in question. Is there a polite response that properly imparts “no, dude, this is normal intensity; the stock factory-installed headlamps are just really freakin' bright and I get this all the time?” Flashing your brights back seems a little rude (and perhaps dangerous, if they feel they are blinded by the regular lights). Turning off your lights for a split second (like you can do on the freeway to signal to a passing long semi that he's clear and there is enough room to merge back into the lane without swiping the front of your vehicle) just seems confusing when applied to that context. Other than bright and off, there are few options.

P.S. I have a 2 liter bottle of soy sauce.
P.P.S. I snagged stack overflow the other day, which is presently just a mirror of buffer overrun.

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