Can you hack it like an Aibo?

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So, it turns out they are making a movie based on Asimov's “I, Robot” type stories. This could be good, and this could be bad. The Three Laws make for very cool murder mysteries. While I don't remember details anymore, I do recall greatly enjoying robot murder mysteries on-par with Agatha Christie stuff. Those three laws are quite straightforward and rigid, yet yield quite well to having the robots be pawns in bigger plans, or simply not fully understand consequences. On the other hand…Hollywood. They could seriously butcher the original niftiness of the stories.

Anyway, it seems very much like the movie is funded by US Robots or something. They are the ones that produce the robots….although their director of Engineering is the one found dead as part of the plot, so I don't know how favorable that is, as far as advertising. Oh, and if you want to learn about the features of the robots, feel free to visit or (which both seem to hit the same site).

In other news, I have had to keep a pretty close watch on Ebenezer. A $200 trip to the vet says that either he has evil bacteria growing in his stomach or he is allergic to his food (or perhaps even, both). If it is the latter, that is god's mighty hammer of irony striking, as he is a breed that is supposed to be more-or-less hypoallergenic, and now I have him eating special hypoallergenic food. He is also taking quarters of iky-tasting pills–pills that, if you can't get down on the first try, simply are not getting down. So far he has not puked today, but the stuff coming out the other end is not too promising at this time. Fortunately, the trip to the vet also included blood work, and it seems pretty apparent he does not have what Pants had (FIP), or any other evil stuff like that.

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