“Ground Control to Rock Collector Brian”

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Last night's dream: At first, I was hanging out at JPL in Pasadena and “partying” with the Mars lander crew (for certain values of “partying”). There was a lot of excitement and relief, but not much else going on. At some point later, I found myself wandering around a dry riverbed on Mars, a few hundred meters away from the lander. I had no helmet or space suit or anything–just my normal cargo pants, buttoned-t-shirt, and boots. I was picking up rocks to take home. Most of the ones I pocketed were shiny, faceted, quartz-like stones. I figured the shiny ones would look good on a shelf or display case when I got home. I also picked up a few flat skipping stones for substitute.

Should I get one of those kitty harness-and-leash things so I can take the cats out for walks amongst all the dog-walkers?

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