Yet another empty and meaningless post of random observations…

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Why is it that every time you want to make a right turn into a parking lot with a small driveway, there is a large SUV blocking most of the driveway trying to exit and turn across all lanes of traffic? You start to turn into the driveway and get half-way off the street when you realize you cannot go any further without running into the SUV. You start feeling like an asshole because you are still hanging out into the street. People start lining up behind you and other people do crazy lane changes to avoid the long line of cars, which complicates the left-turn-making SUV, and suddenly you have this gigantic game of Towers of Hanoi being played with 2-ton playing pieces.

Lost in Space takes place in the glorious future of 1997. Where's my Robby The Robot? Where is my silver lamé jumpsuit?

Speaking of Lost in Space, I am not sure whether Jonathan Harris or Gary Oldman made a better Dr. Smith.

Does anyone else find it lame that everyone kind of shared THE robot and THE flying saucer from that era? I mean, really, how many places have we seen that same flying saucer?

Saved By The Bell, Seasons 1 and 2 are now available on DVD, yet Gilligan's Island will not be available for several weeks.

I just heard on NPR that the entire state of Indiana is starting a program to give a book a month to kids ages 0-5, followed by a library card at the end of the program. This is awesome! Let us just hope the parents find time to read the books to their kids. My parents did a similar thing with me throughout the second half of elementary school and all of junior high and I feel it helped significantly.

To add more randomness without meaning to a random post, I give you 10 songs…

So, I did that “randomize your entire playlist and write down the first ten songs” thing and I am posting the results because they are actually interesting and somewhat representative of the mix of things I like to listen to (except nothing in the Jazz or World categories ended up on the list). Now, this is not the entire playlist (which is full of everything I have ever collected), but just the 14 gigs on the laptop (and and hence, the iPod)–stuff I have been listening to lately.

  1. “Marla,” Fight Club Soundtrack
  2. “Fitful,” Black Tape For a Blue Girl
  3. “TV II,” Ministry
  4. “Underwater,” His Name Is Alive
  5. “Tour De France (Merengue),” Señor Coconut
  6. “Arkansas,” Monopuff
  7. “Pomp & Circumstance I,” Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
  8. “The Robots,” Kraftwerk
  9. “Silver Car,” Manplanet
  10. “Every Nook and Cranny,” Joy Electric
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