Collection of Sentence Fragments and Some Complete Sentences

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Made it home safely.
Cats were ecstatic to see me.
Cats were double-plus-ecstatic to be able to run around a place the size of the entire house (after being stuck in little cages with occasional runs in the play room, which is the size of a small, unfurnished bathroom).
Foot blisters are almost completely gone, but scabby bits on the pointy side-bones of the feet are still there. There is also still a scabby bit on the front of one shin, where it kept rubbing against the top of the boot.
The Precious already managed to get poo on herself.
Debating whether or not to start a fire–we missed a week of nasty snow, but returned to the deformed remains of snowmen.
Kate once again fell asleep watching the last episode of Buffy V. Switched to Red Dwarf I.

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