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It looks like this is my last full day down here. The flight leaves early tomorrow. I finally got all the pictures from the last couple of weeks posted. First are the New Years pictures. This includes all of mine, plus the ones posted the other day. Other pictures of note are…

Travis & Girlfriend mysteriously appear

It takes not less than 6 valve operations to take a shower at BC's house. It is almost a puzzle game like Myst. (Not all valves are pictured.)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is soooo my movie. There was a trailer for it played during Return of the King (a very fine film). It is basically pulpy 40's sci-fi, only made with a more modern budget. It is filmed in faux black & white and stars a number of famous people (Jude Law, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow) and includes lots of classic sci-fi elements (prop[eller] planes, giant robots, zeppelins, ray guns, etc). Yes, most of the theater laughed at it, but that won't shake my desire to see it.

I forgot to mention in a previous post–my most favorite activity while on vacation, sick, and forced to spend time with the family is computer maintenance. I think installing 18 months worth of missed service packs (36 of them) and at least 18 months worth of virus scan data (that is when it expired–I am not sure when it was last run) over a dialup connection simply reinforced my reasoning for switching to a Mac. They had 300 different instances of half a dozen viruses fighting for control over the computer. They wanted to know what to do, and at this point the options are pretty slim: format and reinstall or get a new computer. Since neither them nor I have the right discs for a reformat and since they have been thinking about getting a new machine for months (this one is at least 6 years old), they are leaning toward the purchase route. They wanted my opinion about which kind of computer to get, expecting an answer like Dell or Gateway, and were a little surprised by “low end iMac.” Really, based on their computer maintenance history (none!) and the ease with which my dad can destroy stuff (drag-clicking essential system files instead of double clicking…although why he would even be double clicking essential system files is beyond me), that is really the best choice for them. Mostly they are afraid of such a big change. My mom cannot comprehend how she can continue taking work home. She does not quite get the fact that Microsoft Office on the PC and Microsoft Office on the Mac can read and write the exact same files, no matter how often it is explained.

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