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Christmas Vacation ToDo List
* Parties, drinking, etc.
* Hanging out with friends
* Figuring out who all these new people are I keep hearing references about
* Connolly had mentioned an evening at Durty Nellie's
* Diedrich's
* Shin Seng Gumi
* Laxmi's
* Disneyland
* Replacement everyday boots from The Electric Chair (the soles have worn flat on my current ones, and I doubt I could get away with the 8″ platform or the metal boots for everyday stuff, as I have yet to find anyplace with stylish boots up here–aside from Hot Topic which has lost of cheap/lame footwear)
* Subjecting people to videos of the kittens

Speaking of Hot Topic: I am not sure if it is just the one up here or all of them (it has been awhile), but I feel like an ancient grandfather every time I walk in there. It seems like the customers and employees are all, like, 16.

I found two things today that I “lost” without realizing they were missing. First, I rediscovered my love of ragtime piano. Second, I rediscovered how cool hyperlinked relational data is–whether it is as simple as links between web pages or as complex as a database (of music metadata, for instance) that allows you to walk the data paths in any direction. You see, I had iTunes open and clicked over to the store section to see what was new. Their “iTunes Essentials” was new–basically compilations along a theme (rock, jazz, showtunes, christmas, soundtracks, etc). It takes advantage of the fact that you can buy single tracks without buying an entire album, then offers playlists of a track from over here and a track from over there. It seems the set of music tracks Apple finds essential and the set of music tracks I find essential do not overlap in the slightest (well, maybe a couple of songs on the 1-Hit-Wonder compilation and a couple on the Tom Waits compilation). Anyway, the soundtrack compilation had The Entertainer (presumably from The Sting), and I happened to follow the path from that single track to the album it appears on (not a soundtrack album, but a solo pianist). There was so much good nimble-fingered piano that I had to download the whole album. (I never did download that soundtrack compilation.)

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