“Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me.”

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Last night: wake up at 2? 3? at any rate, wake up about 30 minutes before Kate arrives home. Wide awake, can't get back to sleep. Lay there. I hear Kate getting settled downstairs, a bottlecap hitting the trashcan, audio from a DVD or the radio. Some time later, she climbs into bed and promptly falls asleep. I'm too hot. Am I getting sick? Shed the super-warm blanket and use just the comforter. Too hot. Shed the comforter and use just the sheet. Too hot. I wonder if I am going to be awake until it is time to get up. I eventually fall asleep and dream…dream about being unable to sleep and being awake when the alarm beeps in the morning. When I finally do awaken, before the alarm, things are rather disorienting because of that dream.

The punchline to this whole thing? As I am getting ready to hop in the shower, I glance over at the thermostat. It is adjusted to that spot past 80 that means “keep this constantly on until the fire department needs to be called or I adjust the knob to a lower setting, whichever comes first.”

These cats are going to put me in the poor-house. I called to alter the time they get dropped off at the boarding house because our flight is earlier than I thought. After re-confirming a few things, I realized that when I originally budgeted, I had only calculated for one kitty. Between cats, plane ticket, and airport shuttle, I'm past $1,000, and I have not even left home yet. And I thought I was under budget and that it would not be a big deal to get the Überbattery.

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