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Today marks the first fire in the fireplace at the new home. The house does not yet have a catchy name (like the eHouse, Camp4, Bordello, etc). It has been suggested that the new place can carry on the eHouse namesake, but I believe the name sticks with the geographical location, not with the person residing in such a place. So anyway, the Portland house does not yet have a name, but it does have a fire. I really wanted one yesterday, but did not have the proper utensils (poker, tongs, and the like) and was not able to obtain said items. Today, I have a very nice black cast iron set of fire utensils (shovel, poker, tongs, and broomstick) as well as a nice Victorian-style firewood holder thingey. I also have a nice set of miniature bellows.

So, I am writing this from the laptop, seated in front of the fireplace, which contains our first fire ev-ar. So far, we have not had to use the thermostats here. It is not quite cold enough to do so, but just right for a good fire every once in awhile.

While I was at the home improvement store, I picked up a dowel and string. Using these and a little stuffed mouse, I fashioned a “kitty fishing pole.” The kitties were a little t0o groggy to play with it, upon completion. The Precious liked jumping at it, but was not yet up to full energy. I liked having The Precious jump at it (rather than the puff-ball feather thing we were holding up in our hands). Pants was not entirely sure what to make of it. She sat on her perch and intently followed the movements…OF THE POLE. She ignored the mouse, but was watching the end of the pole. Occasionally, she would bat at it a little, but I am not sure she understands the concept of perspective: she was batting right in front of her face, but the end of the pole was a meter or two from her. I would say it was cute, but her actions were much more confusing than they were cute.

I also picked up a Dust Buster while there. Boy, can you tell the difference between “the top of the line 9.6V” model and the “give me the cheapest one ya got” model! It eats up spilled kitty litter like it was candy! Hey, that gives me an idea… Anyway, the cats are excited and confused by the Dust Buster. Fortunately, they were not frightened. I was not able to see their reaction while vacuuming with the upright because they were in another room, but I bet they might not be so accepting of a noisemaker as big as that.

At the Albertsons, I was a little confused by the surreal. An angel, complete with wings, white outfit, and halo was pushing a line of carts out of the rain and into the store. After entering the supermarket, I realized that many of the employees were wearing halloween costumes–but the initial sight of the angel, in the rain, with the shopping carts, was a bit too strange.

Phear the 6-legged cow

Anyway, back to enjoying the warmth of the dancing flames…

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