You broke the game. Go home.

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It turns out The Precious is transfixed by the switch in the powerbar leading to the Mac. It is one of those powerbars with a power line filter and light-up switch. The filter causes the light in the switch to flicker a bit, which seems to be mesmerizing to the cat. Of course, she can only restrain herself for so long before trying to attack it, thereby shutting down the computer, the external drives, the printer, the boom box, etc.

This funky Matrix / Metacortex game has been going along pretty well. One of the tasks last night was to get into an ftp server. The username and password (obvious in 20/20 hindsight) were correctly identified this morning. I discovered and announced the location of a sort of hidden file (actually, the current directory: “ls -lad .“) with odd ownerships and permissions. It was not supposed to have those ownerships and was quickly changed while we watched. I just received notice that someone used that username to root the box, download log files, and all sorts of stuff. Oops. I guess that's what happens when you develop a HACKING game for HACKERS and SCRIPT KIDDIES. It seems they pulled the network cables from all of the boxes involved in the game. Hopefully, they will restore from backup, correct the problem, and continue the game. The plot is just starting to get pretty good and it would suck if a script kiddie ruined the game for everyone.

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