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If genericus can make a list based on stimps' list, which is in turn based on a list from substitute, I can be a sheep too.

1. Goat cheese is good in small doses, but not good in large doses.
2. More often than not, I end up spilling the kittens' water bowl when placing it on the floor. Fortunately, it is on my office chair wheelie mat (so I can ensure that The Precious does not steal Pants's food), so it evaporates pretty quick and does not cause any damage.
3. I still have to vacuum, mop, and take out the broken-down cardboard boxes before the kitties are allowed downstairs.
4. I rarely ask “What's up?” twice. I am more of a listener than a talker.
5. Super-rainy weather is nifty, but it is a very blah-temperature today. It is raining a lot, but is neither too hot nor too cold. The inside of the car gets too hot when I use the defroster. It is too hot for a fire in the fireplace.
6. I woke up to a kitten nibbling at my toes and a kitten attached to my face.
7. The “Jimmy's Batch 81” sauce from Quiznos is surprisingly good and makes everything better–like a cross between thick tomato sauce (not ketchup!), BBQ sauce, and hot sauce. I bet it would be good in Chinese Eggplants, if prepared right.
8. Eye 8 1 2
9. I have Men's Pocky.
10. I need to read my four volume, hardback, mechanical engineering books. Why? Why not.
11. The meme is dead. Long live the meme.
12. A baker's dozen is not twelve.

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