Spoken word/Broken word, pə-tā’-tō/pə-tä’-tō, binary/boolean

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It turns out that a sort of poet/singer/spoken-word artist person that I am a fan of, Nicole Blackman, will be on the next Firewater album. I am a happy monkey.

If this article is correct, Incas may not have just used binary code long before the first computers or formal boolean algebra–but they used it as the first three-dimensional written language!

Anxiously awaiting the Apple WWDC news that starts at 10am. We know they will be releasing the next OS X, which is (or will soon be) 64-bits. Will they release the 64-bit desktops and laptops we have been hearing rumors about? What about other stuff? Safari? iTunes? Hardware? Software? .Mac extras? The rumored webcam? What about this “Pal” thing that appeared suddenly, then disappeared off the radar. I tend to hate IRC, but will be listening to the MacRumors rebroadcast of the keynote speech on IRC this morning.

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