I love the smell of napalm coffee in the morning

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The coffee from my travel mug tasted just peachy today — or rather, just fine. (No, it did not taste like peaches). It did not taste/smell like garlic or lavender. I did plenty of plain water rinsing this morning and that seemed to do the trick. While I have seen the vinegar thing that Stimps suggested for coffee pots and makers, I was cringing at the thought of thinking my morning coffee would taste better with oil and salad.

My taxes are about 90% done. It looks like I will be getting a little over half the überlaptop back from the gub'ment. That sure beats the grand I had to pay last year. This will make a nice addition to the laptop fund. Hopefully by the time they finally hit the shelves, I will be able to afford one. Oh, and while I am linking to the Apple site, I might as well add another link to the best commercial ever. Sure, I have linked to this before. You know what? I will probably do it again! Come on! It has midgets, laptops, and it even has some brief ninja moves if you are looking.

The OS X SoulSeek project goes well. I spent a chunk of the day annotating packet logs of the login sequence. I also broke several bits of functionality off of the monolithic SoleController.m class, which I am not about to check in yet (in general, source code control and merlot do not mix). Searching and chat work. File transfers work as long as there are no special circumstances (firewalls or wait queues). We might have something usable to the general public in another week or two.

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