I wonder if it is going to be rated Aaarrrrrrr, matey?

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The following PREVIEW has been approved for
by the motion picture association of america

Are there any previews that ARE NOT approved for all audiences?

I guess today is “the big game day” or something, with people running around chasing an inflated artificial pig skin. When I was a kid, my dad would watch the game and I would be in the other room doing something else (reading, playing a video game, doing something on the computer, etc). As soon as the commercials came on, I would rush in to watch. Since I do not think I can stomach the game myself and am pretty wary of Superbowl parties, I have not seen the commercials in recent years. During the dot-com heyday, there was AdCritic, which had all the ads available for viewing online — not just Superbowl commercials, but normal commercials of note as well. I would watch the ads online after the game, then at work on Monday when everyone talked about the ads, I would not only know what they were talking about, but would be able to show where to find the video clips. AdCritic went belly-up a few years ago, so I have been Superbowl-ad-less for a few years. I see they are once again online, but now are wanting $70 a year and give you a subscription to a magazine. Whatever.

This year, there are supposed to be a number of good movie trailers: The Hulk, X-Men 2, Matrix 2, Terminator 3, etc. While I am sure I can get them from Apple's QuickTime movie trailer site, I am sure there are other non-movie-trailer commercials I would be missing out on. Supposedly the Whitehouse has a number of anti-drug public service messages sprinkled throughout the game–sandwiched between Budweiser and Miller commercials. (Does that seem ironic to anyone else?) Maybe I can get a Tivo and set it up to record just the commercials and skip the game?

It's a ride! It's a movie! It has a cast of stars. It's a ripoff of a video game series (which, in turn was a ripoff of the ride)! It has references to the ride! D00D! G0t s0m3 L33T W@R3Z? It's a Disney marketing vehicle! (Don't they usually make the movie first, then the ride?)

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