Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle

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I hooked up the old Nintendo Entertainment System today. For the first time in my life, I was able to get to world “-1” and for the nth time in my life, I was able to get to world 8-3, but never actually be able to finish the game. I also started up Super Mario 2, which is by far my favorite and may people's least favorite (because it is absolutely nothing like the other ones). I got pretty darn far and probably would have finished if I had really felt like sitting here watching a video game. Unfortunately, I have the Mario Brothers theme stuck in my head now.

I have been having funky dreams the past few nights. For instance, last night the dream involved living in a big creepy house with Meta_Kate. The basement had some kind of nightclub going on, with bands and bouncers and everything. One of the bands had the ever-so-creative name of “Hell Spawn” or something like that. They actually turned out to be a good band that played folk-type music–a husband and wife playing normal instruments and four little kids, all identical twins, playing the “squeeze box” and tambourine and such. The band name was a joking tribute to the quintuplets.

Previous to that, I had a weird bio-programming dream. It involved a little metal-foil cardboard box that, once folded correctly, delivered a shock to the holder. The shock felt kind of like those “test your manliness” machines at various carnivals and at the penny-arcade at Disneyland. You know–you put in your quarter and grip the handle, then it delivers a slowly increasing electric charge to your hand and arm as the lights on the box increase from “whimp” to “manly-man” or whatever. This cardboard shocking box felt like that, only the electric charges were a specific pattern of zeros and ones that could affect the holder's brain in some way. “They” (whomever “they” were in my dream) wanted me to assemble and hold onto the box while it sent some kind of programming to my brain, but the programming was supposed to have some bugs in it, so they wanted me to immediately construct and hold onto a second shock box that would then program patches in there. Something told me that I wanted real, fixed, solid code in my head (not a program plus a possibly faulty Service Pack), so I refused. In retrospect, I do not know HOW I know so vividly how those shocking brain-programmer boxes felt. I do not think I ever used one in the dream.

I know I had some other dreams in the previous few days, but I cannot remember what they are now. The sun seems to be hitting just the right angle for me to take the [wireless] laptop and/or a book out to the front porch with some Lynchburg Lemonade…

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