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So, I hate online quizzes, but I like the Buffy series, which leaves me torn about posting this result:

Which Buffy Guy Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

In unrelated news, I have nearly singlehandedly finished 1.75L of Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade. While the house cleaning has gone incredibly well–the kitchen is looking DAMN fine, as well as the bedroom closet, the effect of the “lemonade” (which is kind of a prize to myself for getting so much done today) is seriously starting to take hold. I am a little guy (I cannot even give blood because I am too light), and have had about the equivalent of a 2L soda bottle of 6% aqueous alcohol solution.

In other unrelated news, it seems that the job I was applying for through a friend that would have given me Top Secret credentials has been filled. The security clearance would have been dependent on a background check, of course, and who know how that would have went. (“Sir, can you tell me a little about this BO2K application? I see you have written a couple of — am I reading this correctly? — buttplug applications for it.”) Sheeeyyyahh….

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