Femmebot Earplug Tonic

byham.pngAbout a year ago, I started watch­ing the first sea­son and part of the sec­ond sea­son of Battlestar Galactica. I thought it sucked. I could not really feel for any of the char­ac­ters, the plot, and espe­cially didn’t find the fem­me­bot to be ter­ri­bly great (in a “let’s exploit the nerd-virgins’ fan­tasies” sort of way.) Last week, Kim and I started watch­ing it from the begin­ning (her, for the first time; me, as a sec­ond view­ing.) I have to admit that it is start­ing to grow on me. She loves it. Maybe we will make it to the third sea­son.

Kim had a set of foam earplugs down­stairs. One of them dis­ap­peared. This evening, I found it on the floor of her closet upstairs. Someone picked it up, car­ried it upstairs, then kicked it around until it got lost under the closet door. Three guesses as to which cat whose name starts with an ‘E’ did this.

I am offi­cially off of vodka ton­ics. It’s not the vodka, it’s the tonic. I used to drink them like crazy at clubs. I always used to feel crappy the next day. Of course, this was attrib­uted to the vodka. Last week, I made myself a weak one (as an aside, we have been build­ing up the bar and I have been study­ing the secrets of mixol­ogy.) Because it was a work-night, I con­tin­ued with maybe two or three “vir­gin” vodka ton­ics — just tonic and lime. I felt equally crappy the next morn­ing, and I know it was not the vodka, as it was some nice pure stuff and I had a shot or less of it (which I’ve han­dled just fine in mar­ti­nis.) I can only con­clude that it was the tonic. Aside from the occa­sional Ginger Ale on a plane flight, I don’t drink any­thing car­bon­ated or sug­ary.

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