Bonfire Night: Food Labels

Before the pandemic, Christine and I would regularly host a Potions Party around Halloween. This was always an extravagant affair and took a lot of work. With people feeling more comfortable with the pandemic situation, we thought we’d host a “lite” version of an Octoberween party — not as excessive as the Potions Party, but themed and decorated, with special drinks and special activities. Because Bonfire Night fell on the Saturday after Halloween, we thought we’d put together a Guy-Fawkes-themed gothic-Victorian party.

It was important for all the food to be, at a minimum, vegetarian. There was some vegan food, some gluten-free, and one or two we need to warn for nut allergies. To make things more fun and fancy, I threw together some “table-tent” style placards for naming the foods and identifying the details.

Food Placard, design
Food Placard, production

It’s a small enough detail that it almost didn’t warrant a separate blog post, but I thought it was fun enough to share.

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