A conversation over weed pulling

Today I got to continue a 4th of July tradition: pulling up the past 6 months of neglected weeds from the back yard.  This year, though, it was a little different.  Sure, there were still plenty of weeds, but more interestingly, there were worms — lots of them.  In previous years, the lawn itself has been devoid of critters.

Back in February, I picked up a bunch of worms for the compost pile.  It seems they have since spread to all corners of the property.  Places where I have never before seen worms had plenty.  As I found them in the lawn, I picked them out and migrated them to the back vegetable garden and herb garden, where they, presumably, will be more useful.

Me: “So the good news: I’m finding lots of worms.  The bad news: the majority of them are half-worms.  Oops.  I found five halves in this spot alone.”

Her (seeing me put them in the nearby herb garden): “Be sure to put them with the vegetables, too.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been doing them 50/50.  Well, I mean, with both halves together in the same spot.  I’m not literally trying to split them 50/50.”

I even dug up a few spirally centipedes.  (Click to embiggenate — the new iPhone’s camera is no DSLR, but is still rather nice.)

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