A conversation over weed pulling

Today I got to continue a 4th of July tradition: pulling up the past 6 months of neglected weeds from the back yard.  This year, though, it was a little different.  Sure, there were still plenty of weeds, but more interestingly, there were worms — lots of them.  In previous years, the lawn itself has … Continue reading A conversation over weed pulling


Almost exactly a year ago, I built a compost bin out of spare palettes I scrounged up in the inner-SE industrial area. For various reasons, we never quite got around to using it. Part of it was knowledge and experience. Part of it was laziness. Part of it was being a little unsure of the … Continue reading Compostification

Brian the builder

Two weekends ago: set up clothes line… just in time for Sunday’s rain! Last week: set up a cat quarantine/acclimation gate between the kitchen and the rest of the house. I am hoping to write up an instructable on it some time soon. This most recent weekend: set up a Pallet Compost Bin (pictured below, … Continue reading Brian the builder