The Eternal Airport

Hanging around in the jury selection common room, waiting to get called into a trial, is much like being stuck in an airport.  Security is similar in both places.  Any “luggage” of bags or backpacks tends to never escape your watchful view.  When will my name get called?  When does my flight depart? You cannot leave, yet you cannot do much of anything substantial — your train of thought could get derailed at a moment’s notice by an announcement over the loudspeaker. Your fellow travelers — er, jurors — are in much the same situation. Some people read, others work on crossword puzzles, many Twitter or text, some pull out a laptop, some use their iPad to write this very blog post, but everybody is in the same limbo. Stuck. Waiting to go home.

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Brian Enigma

Brian Enigma is a Portlander, manipulator of atoms & bits, minor-league blogger, and all-around great guy. He typically writes about the interesting “maker” projects he's working on, but sometimes veers off into puzzles, software, games, local news, and current events.

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