Pioneer Courthouse, 1875

There is a local blog I follow, Vintage Portland, that digs through the city archives and posts vintage photos of Portland every few days.  Last month, they posted a photo of Pioneer Courthouse from 1875, with a school in the background that is now PDX’s living room, a.k.a. Pioneer Courthouse Square.  I really enjoyed the … Continue reading Pioneer Courthouse, 1875

The Eternal Airport

Hanging around in the jury selection common room, waiting to get called into a trial, is much like being stuck in an airport.  Security is similar in both places.  Any “luggage” of bags or backpacks tends to never escape your watchful view.  When will my name get called?  When does my flight depart? You cannot … Continue reading The Eternal Airport

Four Years

It has been four years since that fateful night were I almost didn’t go alone to the concert of one of my favorite bands. It has been two years since the roadtrip to the coast, by way of the courthouse (followed several months later by a big ol’ party-slash-reception.) They have been wonderful years. Like … Continue reading Four Years