The paradox of being sick

Maybe paradox is not quite the right word for what I want to say and ironic, in the dictionary sense, is not either. The Alanis Morissette definition of irony is a bit more close. But putting the exact wording aside, I find the paradox of being sick is that you have all the time in the world, but zero focus, drive, or motivation.

I am home from work, as I was yesterday, and have a whole day to myself. Some of the more interesting projects on my to-do list include working on more Project Euler problems and (re-)learning Objective-C to start writing iPhone apps (I have a great book and videos of Stanford lectures on the subject), but I cannot do any of it. Sitting down to write this blog post is hard enough. Making lunch has a variable scale — nuking soup from a can is fine, making a spamwich is taxing. 140 character complaints via Twitter is about right, as far as mental ability goes. Half-sleeping through episodes of the first season of Star Trek is perfect. If only I had some Gilligan’s Island and I Love Lucy to mix things up a bit. I could load them all into iTunes on the Mac Mini, along with some episodes from our Twilight Zone discs, hit shuffle, and have a “Brian Is Sick” channel of all the daytime syndications I’d watch as a kid.


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One thought on “The paradox of being sick”

  1. It is really the worst thing: that inability to concentrate while sick.
    Two weekends ago (flu downed me) I was so bored of being nearly too tired to play browser-click RPGs.


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