DST one week warning!

This is your one week warning for the upcoming clock change! Do you know how I know? My fancy expensive alarm clock that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and lets you set different alarms for different days changed this weekend. It was manufactured before Bush Jr. signed the asinine law that moved DST by a week.

See previously: Happy Not-Daylight-Savings-Time!, The Persistence of Time, Daylight Savings Crime, The Persistence of Slime, and remember: “With the extra hours of daylight saved, most people open up a money market fund to maintain daylight liquidity and preserve daylight capital.”

Yes, I realize that I have been complaining a long time and doing nothing about it. I really should go out and buy a new alarm clock. Timex isn’t offering returns or upgrades on the clock. Their canned response for this (as well as for people in Arizona(?) who do not “celebrate” DST) is to manually reset the clock twice a year. Thanks guys. I better keep the old one around, though. The minute I buy a new one, someone else is going to sign a DST law retracting the previous one, invalidating the clock.

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