Dr. Horrible and the disco Dementor!

Dr. Horrible and the disco Dementor!


I have my Wonderflonium, but the iPhone is not pictured. Kim’s costume was quite elaborate for being thrown together a few hours before the party. She had netting sewn into the mask’s eyes, even. She got lots of compliments, even though it usually took a little while for people to actually recognize her. Lots of people liked my “mad scientist” and “reanimator” costume. Kim was quite surprised to hear someone in the crowd mention something about “Dr. Horrible eating an apple” during the apple-bobbing-but-on-a-string contest. Someone recognized the costume! We totally had to track them down later.

Also at the party was a Sarah Palin who was so good it was scary. There was a banana who didn’t know the “peanut butter jelly time” song. There was some kind of Marie Antoinette/Corpse Bride who would often be found standing there, staring THROUGH you. She was full of the creepy. The hippie guy never left character, and I’m still trying to figure out if he was a good actor or just baked. There were quite a few other excellent costumes, but I can’t remember them all now.

Bonus video! 3 out of 4 cats are unafraid of Dementors!

(At this point, I am probably obligated to point out that if you click through the Disco Dementor photo, you’ll find some less wacky ones in the photostream.)

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