My LOST Predictions

LostThese are my predictions for the season finale Lost. They don’t come from spoilers or secret information, they’re just guesses and intuition and are probably wrong.

* The episode will end with Jin in some kind of perilous situation to save Sun. Sun and the other Oceanic 6 will believe him to be dead. Even the audience will believe him to be dead, but he’ll really be okay when the situation is revisited in an episode next season. (Remember when Ben shot Locke?)
* Locke will end up moving the island and it will require typing the numbers into another one of those Dharma Apple computers.
* The rest of the military guys will die, but the main one (Mr. Kimi?) will survive and track people around the island throughout the next season.
* Faraday and angry-redhead-British-girl will get stuck on the island when it moves.
* We’ll get to see the method or apparatus that Ben used to time-travel. It uses some kind of really cold superconductor technology (which is why we see Ben in the middle of the desert with a parka.)
* We’ll see another orientation video that details (but without too much detail) the operation of the Orchid station.
* We’ll see the smoke monster again, but still won’t know anything more about it.
* We still won’t know the nature of the cabin, Jack’s Dad, Charlie, or what Claire is up to.
* There will be at least one “WAAAAAALLLLLT!” scream from Michael.
* When the island moves, the little electronic gizmo strapped to Mr. Kimi’s arm will be out of range of the ship and cause the C4 to blow up. Fortunately, the mechanics of the schema get radioed back to the ship so they’re safely on life rafts by the time the island gets moved.
* Hurley says “dude,” Sawyer says “son of a bitch,” and Ben reveals this has all been part of a larger plan.

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    1) the thought occurred to cori and I as well. Jin *might* still be alive. It seems pretty unlikely, but he may still Have Work To Do.

    2) Couldn’t be fFarther fFrom the truth 🙂 No locke, and definitely no computer. I think the device used to move the island is as fFar fFrom a computer as things get.

    3) almost right …

    4) I don’t know what happened to fFarady :/ It seems like he must have gone with the island, since he wasn’t there around in the sea. I dunno. It would seem he knew that the orchid was to move the island, and didn’t plan on making it back to the island; but when the ship blew up prior to that, it is unclear what course he took the zodiac on then.

    5) DING! DING! DING!

    6) DING! DING! DING!

    7) No smoke in sight, I’m afraid.

    8) Well. It would appear that Claire is working fFor the island now. “Don’t let him come back” I take to refer to Ben. Christian Shepherd is “alive” because, you know, he’s Christian Shepherd, and he wanted the help of his daughter, so she maybe exists on the same plane of dream existence as him now. maybe.

    9) Sadly, no screams at all fFrom michael.

    10) Was this one just wishful thinking? I think the ship blew up to fFinally and completely eliminate all the extras and red shirts fFrom Oceanic 815. And those other dudes too…

    11) I think only Jack said “son of a bitch,” although it was about Hurley I think.

    Pretty good guesses, yo. I think, fFor Lost, getting even one prediction right is pretty good, and you managed to get two, spot on. 🙂

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