iPhone car mount, status update 1

As you probably don’t know, I’m working on a car mount for my iPhone. I saw an instructable on how to make one that seemed nice, but I’m not keen on the velcro and I’m not sure I kept the plastic packing piece it requires. I also spied a mounting solution from ProClip that seemed really nice. They sell mounts as two interlocking pieces, one to hold your phone or MP3 player (almost any phone or player) and one to hook into your car (all sorts of cars.) Because they’re two pieces, you can match any car to any player, but they’re pricey. Their Eclipse Spyder solution is pretty much a shim that slips in just under the A/C duct, which I made a mental note of.

I figured that for a much lower price, I can make a similar shim-based solution.

This is, effectively, a single sheet of solid plexiglass and three sheets with an iPhone-shaped hole. As you can see, the shim isn’t mounted yet. You can probably also see the couple of cracks that say “yes, sir, this is my first time working with plexiglass.” You may additionally notice that some of the cuts are not exactly straight. I’m still learning. Total cost of plexiglass and (unpictured) shim: about $6. Fortunately, I already had the tools and other hardware.

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