Superbowl commericals podcast feed?

Does anyone know of an RSS (video podcast) feed for this year’s Superbowl commercials? Google has failed me in my searches (or maybe my search-fu for this particular subject is not up to par.)

I’m looking for downloadable and iPod/iPhone-syncable content. I realize that there are probably quite a few on YouTube, but I am not too keen on finding, ripping, and transcoding YouTube videos. Ideally, I could just point my iTunes at it, have it download in the background while I go back to doing actual work, then be ready to sync at lunchtime.

I’m hopeful that someday YouTube will discover the usefulness of RSS, but am not holding my breath.

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3 thoughts on “Superbowl commericals podcast feed?”

  1. They’re all on myspace/superbowlads or something like that. No, I won’t go find the exact URL for you. ;P (which says more about my distaste for myspace than my liking of you)

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