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What are you doing on Christmas eve? Me, I’m gutting parts of the basement. Namely, this lovely wallpapered interior wall is going away:

While sorting through the stuff in the basement, what we thought to be a set of shelves left by the previous owner, we are now not so sure about. Considering there’s an unused pair of switches in the breaker box (several switches go to cut, dangling, live wires… yeay?) labeled “kiln” and considering this looks like it might be one (not that I’ve ever seen one before, except made of bricks with a fire inside), this is how I reached my conclusion. Well, either that, or maybe something for drying or smoking meats?

I chatted with Brian C. about this over the phone for a bit and he wanted to send him photos. I figured I’d just post them to open this up for a wider audience and discussion.

As you can see, there are several isolated shelves. There is some kind of venting system with a tall channel on the right, from top to bottom, with an external vent at the top and an internal vent at the bottom. Between the upper and lower part is a horizontal vent-thing with a thin hole on the right and a thin hole (on the underside, not pictured) on the left. The thing is wired for power outlets inside(?!) There is still glue stuck to the upper chamber that looks like it held foam (insulation?) I have no idea what this is.

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  1. Yeah, that looks like a homemade kiln for ceramics–the kind that one gets unfinished and paints and glazes. Maybe a previous owner had a ceramics studio?

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