We’ve secretly replaced your normal blend…

A month or two ago, Adam Curry was promoting Folgers coffee on his show The Daily Source Code.  At the time, I went to their website and signed up for a free sample (I’d link to it, but I believe they took it down.)  I then proceeded to completely forget about the whole thing until it arrived over the weekend.  Because we were out of coffee and I was too lazy to go out and buy another bag, I not-so-secretly replaced our usual morning blend with Folgers Lively Columbian.  I have two problems with the coffee:

  • It came pre-ground, so much of the freshness was lost before it arrived, even though it was in a sealed foil pouch.  This was also a minor annoyance factor, as I had to figure out how to simultaneously enable the timer and disable the grinder in our grind-n-brew coffee maker.
  • It tasted like ass.  In this case “ass” is defined as the roasted-till-nearly-burnt flavor that Starbuck’s makes popular.

For the foreseeable future, we will continue to stick with our usual brands of locally-roasted fair-trade coffee.  It is much more fresh, tastes great, keeps our dollars in the local economy — for production costs, at least, with the remainder (the materials costs) going where it deserves.

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