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Either everyone was out of their houses on Friday or we discovered why we tend to walk and take public transportation in the evenings. Date night consisted of going to the movie theater, driving in circles around the full parking lot with a bunch of other cars that were similarly seeking parking. Fifteen minutes after the start of the film, we gave up and drove to Maiden In The Mist. Again, we drove around, unable to find parking. Next up, we thought we would go to the Mallory Hotel Bar (or the Hotel De Lux or The Driftwood Room or whatever it is called now.) It is in that weird pocket of SW that is across the 405 that, presumably, nobody goes to because when they are on that side of the freeway, they are going to NW Trendy-First and Trendy-Third. The Mallory was a bust, too: no parking aside from $6/hour hotel parking, which we did not feel like springing for. We finally ended up at Echo for some drinks and dessert.

Yesterday, we spent the day doing “date night” correctly by walking down to Maiden in the Mist, bussing it up to the mall theater for The Number 23, then bussing it down to Cinemagic for Pan’s Labyrinth. The Number 23 had great potential, but the “twist ending” that it seems like all suspense movies are supposed to have these days sort of fell flat. Pan’s Labyrinth was excellent, although I was not quite expecting that amount of blood and gore. I was also expecting it to be German with subtitles instead of Spanish with subtitles–although I really have no idea why I thought this.

Today consisted of Kim working in the basement, preparing for some upcoming vending, and me working on a side project on the laptop — although in the past hour, I took a break for the bi-weekly cat washing. There is a first time for everything, and today, for me, it was squeezing cat blackheads. Ewww. He never had them before, but he had a really gnarly one today. In fact, I think the cat-washing-break will be followed up by a beer break.

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