Tea Anemone

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I have to say that Adagio, the company that supplies me with tea, impresses me more and more all the time. Today, I received for no apparent reason, a box of the Jasmine Bloom tea–the jasmine flowers sewn into a wrapper of green tea leaves that open like a sea anemone. It came with a handwritten holiday card.

Not only is this one of my favorite tasty teas (in this form, at least–I’ve found that green-jasmine tea bags use cheaper tea, making due with clippings and ends instead of full leaves), it’s one of my favorite teas to bring to meetings at the last minute, when I no longer have time to properly steep the tea. It causes everyone to sit and stare for a minute or two while the ball opens. I was about to buy another box, as I ran out a month ago. This was an unexpected AND much-needed surprise. Yeay!

Now, I need to start looking for some place that sells tea bricks. Tiffany #2 had a really nice one, with elaborate relief-images pressed into the front and back.

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