Flesh is Grass

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Remember, kids: flesh is grass

The above image is from a 1961 book on alchemy chemistry. The majority of the book talks about alchemists and includes things like alchemy symbols for things like gold, silver, arsenic, and urine. It illustrates the particular type of oven that alchemists use. The book then squeezes atoms, molecules, magnetism, mineral hardness, making charcoal, tanning animal hides, smelting iron, organic chemistry, and hydrogen explosions into the last 15 pages.

This was one of several books that everyone was reading fun/dated/just-plain-messed-up passages from at Brian C’s house, when everyone was in town for our wedding party. He picked up several books from a local library that was selling off their older items. I’ve managed to scan in the entire alchemy chemistry book and have assembled the pages into a PDF, but will have to wait until I’m on a higher bandwidth connection to upload it somewhere. I’m just going to pretend that the book is so old that its copyright has lapsed, putting it in the public domain, making it okay for me to do this. A brief consultation of the Project Gutenberg FAQ states that books published before 1964 whose copyright was not renewed in 1992 are in the public domain, so I’m just going to believe that nobody would want to renew this book’s copyright.

Next up will be some select pictures and passages from the geography book. Those will be posted tonight or over the weekend.

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