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  • Mr. Eko – too sudden, with nothing that felt like good, solid closure. Why did he build the church? Was he a “bad” man or a “good” man? He was obviously bad in the past, but it seems like he was making headway into being good, yet this certainly came off as a judgement. Why the sudden demise? The smoke monster caught up with him before and let him live. Did he suddenly do something very bad? Was it not pushing the button? If anything, Locke was bad for locking him out of the hatch.
  • smoke monster – are there two different ones or is it the same one with two appearances? The producers have said it is absolutely NOT nanobots, so unless it’s magic (like wizards) or magic (like smoke and mirrors), then I’m stumped.
  • The two new characters – can they POSSIBLY be any MORE awkward?
  • “Hey, what could these other TVs be hooked up to?” “OMGWTFSTFU, why didn’t we think of that?” – Paging Captain Obvious. Captain Obvious to the Perl station, please.
  • The x-ray – honestly, I wasn’t expecting to hear more about this for a few more episodes, so it was nice to have it pulled back into the plot. But if the island has some kind of healing power (e.g. Locke’s legs, Rose’s cancer), then why doesn’t it work on Ben? Or is this a con within a con?
  • Juliet & the video tape – very sneaky, very cool.
  • Eye patch guy – creepy!
  • “I guess he’ll be expecting us” – LOLlerskates

P.S. I think I would have been happier if the polar bear would have chomped him instead of the lame, convoluted “conclusion” we actually got.

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