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I did the Brain Age check this morning and it told me I had an age of 76, then said something to the effect of “haha, just kidding,” and told me I finally got the perfect score of 20. I don't know why or how because I did not do spectacularly well on the A-1-B-2…M-13 test or the word memorizing test. It also asked me to draw Queen Elizabeth and Henry VIII (both of my drawings looked the same, consisting of a stick figure with a Burger King style crown.)

After having grown up in southern California, in the years that I have lived here I still have not gotten used to a majority of the low-pay, low-skill laborers being Russian instead of Mexican. Whether they are tending to a lawn, taking out the trash, or cleaning the bathroom, it just seems so bizarre to me. I still have no idea how to write “Basura” in Russian.

Similar to the tattoo rule, I think that there is a law in the books somewhere that says that in order for a woman between about 20 and 40 to live in Wilsonville or Lake Osweo, they must be trim and physically fit. Either that or perhaps the larger women are allowed to live there, but are confined to their homes. Seriously, it's like Newport Beach Trophy-Bride Land or something and it sucks because: our company just moved here; I had gotten not only used to, but quite happy about, the people of all shapes and sizes that consist of the rest of the greater Portland area; and I have to take lunch and run errands close to work.

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