Keep Victim Comfortable

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Things that scare me: the other day, while chatting with some of the guys on the manufacturing floor, one relayed a story about his previous job. It was also in manufacturing, but the machines took large canisters of chemical gas (ours only use compressed air piped in from another room.) They had half a dozen of these canisters around the floor, chained to posts. One day, someone decided to actually read the warning label and it contained text to the effect of: in case of inhalation, keep victim comfortable for remainder of life. The tanks, which they walked by every day, and which were loosely chained to poles and could have accidentally fallen over, contained some kind of poison gas, either arsenic or cyanide based, from what he could remember.

I have tried a few Google searches to see if I could find the exact wording of such warning labels, or even the name of the chemical that would bear such a label, but as yet I have found nothing.

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