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To basically reiterate what Kim said about Nostrana:

  • The chairs were slightly more upscale versions of those uncomfortable plastic stackable kind. They were still plastic and stackable, though.
  • The table had a solid wood partition across the width of it, neatly separating you from your partner and offering zero leg room. And wait, you had a heater under your side? Where was my heater?
  • They were out of chicken.
  • They were out of fish.
  • I don't like gnocci.
  • As intriguing as a $60, 2 inch thick, 1 kilogram slab of cow is, I don't like beef.
  • After ordering pork, the waitress informs us that they are out of pork, too.
  • Cheese plate to share, pizza for her, lamb for me.
  • The cheese was good and actually somewhat rare (i.e. not a plate of cheddar and gouda), but I have had better (and just as gourmet) at Noble Rot.
  • The lamb was stringy and tasteless, but the walnut pesto managed to give it flavor. Again, I have had much, much, much better lamb at Noble Rot.
  • The wine was outstanding, but I do not know enough about the specific varieties that were offered to know whether they were reasonably priced–I suspect not, but will give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • While the food was “mehhh,” the service was great, and the experience as a whole was good, I do not feel that I got $90 worth of experience.

So that's it. Will I go back again? Probably not.

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