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It has been cold the past few days — like subzero in the mornings. Fortunately, there is no crazy windchill or even much moisture (other than the fog/dew of the night), but I did have to snap my frozen car door open and scrape ice off of the windshield. It has been warmer in the afternoons, which is good.

Also lately, Ebenezer has been whining at the back door, wanting to go outside. He does not quite understand that it is no longer summer and that a naked cat probably would not enjoy the out-of-doors. That did not stop him from whining. I put him in his harness, attached the leash, and opened the door for him to wander out. He sniffed at things, ate some grass, and batted at a few crinkly orange leaves, but quickly got uncomfortable and became a “spring loaded cat,” trying to bounce around and get free of the leash. I picked him up, took him inside, and he sprung forth from my arms (leash still attached) and planted himself down right in the middle of the heat vent. He did not move from that spot for ten minutes. He doesn't yowl to go outside anymore.

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