Funded in part by the surreal. An angel, complete with reservoirs.

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Today, I am home sick with a cold. Ick.

I can’t imagine the following thing ever becoming a meme because the act of downloading the XML and compiling/running all the command-line applications is a bit too time-consuming and arcane for the average Joe. Anyway, I tried a little experiment today that consisted of the following:

1. Downloading XML of every month of every year I have been a member of LiveJournal. Fortunately, this was easy because I had been doing this off-and-on since 2001.
2. xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//event" -v "." *.xml > allentries.txt
3. ./chan -n 2000 -d 2 < allentries.txt > fakeentry.txt

The result is a Markov Chain based on my entries. A Markov Chain, in this context, is a stream of words joined together by probability. The chain starts with two words I have typed together. For instance, let’s say they are “In the.” The Markov Chain generator then looks through everything I have said and figures out the words I have used after “in the.” Maybe the words are: morning, evening, kitchen, and car. It picks one, let’s say “car,” giving us “In the car.” It then uses the next two words, dropping “in” and going with “the car” and searches through everything I have typed for “the car [something]” and so picks the next word. The resulting output, based soley on probability tables from my journal entries, sounds vaguely like something I would type, but gets surreal in many places and flat-out unintelligble in a few places.

I made a few minor edits — mostly fixing line breaks, deleting horribly bad paragraphs, and fixing markup (e.g. if a web link or italic tag never has a terminator.) I do find it odd that (1) “plate of shrimp” is mentioned and (2) “kimchee and egg instant soup” is mentioned and I am eating that right now.

Fade in to replace the first 1/3 of the episodes you already downloaded. You can’t touch cells. They’re off-limits. Why? Because. 30 == 29.97 usually…unless it really kind of forgot the fact that the pumpkin ale at the window, a home birth? CheeseMyBaby!

Kim and I picked up a bunch of crap to throw out. Everyone in the tree and seem to directly translate to letters but Connolly could probably get away with a few sliders, and try to keep it!

The whole computer/network/firewall thing: two Linux boxes basically went explodey. One was a one that lets you do not know the rain? It’s falling really slowly. I don’t want that. I guess there is no weather. The temperature and humidity are universal constants, like the ones that everyone else so I can never quite ready to relax in front of one shin, where it came out. It was too hot when I saw him and the window in it (so that “blah-afk” or “bl[a]h” is dropped in favor of “blah”), which is a little arrow there, pointing up his sleeve. “You’d be late for me to be the most strict style laws (you cannot have your garage door remains closed and hoped I did not realize how Unbreakable would end up saving a lot of traditional broadcast television. All the good kimchee and egg instant soup.

Officially, I am away from the top few millimeters of the few movies that ends in “Unit B.” Whatever. I barely noticed, as I was dead. I was looking for. (Thanks, [info]boogahsmalls!) I now have a(n unreleased) patch for Gallery that adds an “Add to your watch.” And all these keys: I have tried Linux, Lindows, and all information about how you can tell. There are always messing up on podcasts and such, as this issue of the latest Palahniuk book. To round out the “HBO Original Movie” video of BurningSkyz in my time at The Mississippi Pizza Pub. I recommend both the jacket and reflection of the Rings songs/poems both times I read it. Note to world: “blackened” does not seem as cool in-person as he was obviously experiencing some pretty good for the school. Funded in part by the surreal. An angel, complete with reservoirs

The other park I now have a mediocre one and eight gigantic, beautiful spider webs in the fire marshal on stage and they were training the employees with the ground–but it is brownish and has a fresh-from-the-box D-Link wireless adaptor, so we ended up causing me to do with it. At any rate, Mr. Devil-Stick man was never able to multiplex the audio and deaths and explosions and such. A modern day War Of The Worlds, if it were a musician or drug dealer (or programmer)–we are talking about. Not too many professions out there in 6 months. I am reminded of the dream we were missing large chunks of raw fish than Mitsua back home. All of the picture? That would make a “tornado” of about ten harmonicas. Their music was decent. Not great, not bad, dreams.

Beer milkshakes are not really had to go to the results. One thing the paycheck issues. The old job overnight’ed me the impression that it was written in, the Pacific islands or perhaps Asia. The floors were flat wood panels, with bamboo here and there, with an uncertified version number popping up on a plate of shrimp and someone around you in the bookstore in my pocket. The then immediately decided to go back tomorrow for further investigation.

I have a few side projects. That seems to be pretty good and was very loud and released all sorts of jobs, but I am going too fast (by this car’s standards, at least). I have about 6 months ago, and it seems the spinning brushes do not know, I could determine the cause and possible fix it if they were there, so that a conspiracy is going to have swiss-cheese selective memory, but I might pick up). Part of this process will involve selling off the side of a high-level user-space Linux microkernel thing as a nice little blast from the steering wheel.

I have become much more than WWII. A trip to Home Depot later, I said, he is on stdout and can be quantified by the regular lights). Turning off your lights for their quarters.

Speaking of the recordings are unreleased test tracks as they can. As a consumer, having yet another tank of Sea-Monkeys for my credit card was being used as…sort of a fairy/angel/child riding a motorcycle or bicycle with low pressure tires. The only difference currently is a little weak, but the kind that comes in is metallic-colored plastic and includes a Sea-Monkey egg omelet. End week three: Populate THREE! Yes, two Sea-Monkeys from the Bay Area (now a beekeeper) that was called into the pages. Once a podcast (or manually pick through the night, brushing off the engine off, which would have been pretty good representation of the awkward macro syntax. The ease of Java developers tend to worry a lot of history like LaunchBar (or Quicksilver), so if you are a few books on genetic algorithms, because they do not span from the interrogation and continued to be superstitious about things, if not all, of next week or two. “Is that the episode–actually, a bunch of generic cookie-cutter rides that you’ll see at any rate) is not as slow as I write this, I climbed out of a root canal than [insert action here]” phrase kind of like a revolutionary (or maybe that’s “terrorist”) in the car, I started swimming along, as if they want to go from there. In fact, it is time to get to see Coffee and Cigarettes.

Returned to Eric’s neighborhood and wandered. Stumbled into a Porche that barely fits in the corridor (unlike Luke, he did not even sure I see an alien leg as it was basically the same, only the root user should see) Hacked together a wacky script to run across similar rubber stoppers in things like OS/2. Plus, guess what? September 11th came along, they were cute.

I also got the sap. Calendula lotion has helped a bit, but they did was open next to Denny’s, across from Del Taco, I have seen with escalators for shopping carts. You push the shifter over to the most beauteous princess in all your constants multilanguage, or bad things from that flick: (1) it stars Bill Cosby (without Jell-o Puddin’ Pops), (2) it had congealed into a jack-o-lantern. I almost have the first time I went outside and the sink.

During my lunch break, I went to sleep. I cracked an encryption system used by Information Society. “I am in the fine film Poltergeist teaches us three things…

  • Most people of Transylvania (or whatever it was, I noticed a couple of pixels top-to-bottom, so please excuse that, too. The other DVD purchase was “Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean.” This is an indirect connection. Anyway, it is nice to be a little green worm wearing a bra and hat made of old school NIN hidden in the open? Weird stuff.

There is a physicist, not when he showed up, the wine’s potency had snuck up on the 16th. What does the typical male “mine is bigger/smaller than yours” envy?

The laptop was bigger than Mini-Me!

The laptop dwarfs the dwarf! It seems that iPhoto will export jpgs that this is going around. Either way, she looked much like the X-Files, minus all of them.

I cannot wait! I do not mix hard alcohol and beer since I was a lot of databases were initially set up a piece of steak (or something like nine times as bright as a pet and not the play-all-through-the-night variety kitties. If they were, they either would not touch her tip money until it looks like a freak of nature, living in the suburbs that prevents blatant advertising. Heck, a lot of work.

Last night, I got plastic on my phone holster belt, and heats up considerably, causing just a tiny wedge of paper and bamboo rolling mat. Besides, the fish is that it was Telex, but it is really good review of an apple. You could just as happy with it–the screen resolution is a very Bob-like narrative (Bob, for those with access… (You will have a shady sawbones in a happy medium. The way it picked what name to display a flag pin, the one hand, I really did not want to know about!) There are also certain there will be FOREVER until this comes out of his brain. Smooth wrinkles, circles, semicircles. But right in front of me…”How does this internally, with reference counts and garbage collection–but I am glad we Netflix’ed it and pay the bill Some piercing jewelry can be fixed pretty easily by unplugging the network using the same day. The Manhattan family seems cool, but it is not the play-all-through-the-night variety kitties. If they were, they either would not sell chocolate for a month or two. As best as I know, but that really advanced Java developers who are downloading pictures of myself like [info]odradak and [info]citizenx. Anyway, it was determined (by first or second degree burn on Gene’s finger) that one out. After picking out something fairly common and mundane. There are one, possibly two, things that end up outputting the work of several users before it gets piped to the most?

I helped Kim disassemble some of the combinations of Baco and shake’n’bake did not want to see her tomorrow. This makes the prerequisites a lot less, start seriously taking care of her name) is home to sign out, put on my long-ago experience of making eye contact, which seems to be an easy task. The combination of Parkinson’s and assorted back problems and would go to the plot–still serving the same cat that hung around to look.

And the famous last words prediction meme that has never had to be just part of the above, yet they all tend to be one of these goodies is a cultural thing, but your heart says another. On an interesting, fun, and a rent-a-cop and got the whole experience is a little Google searching for Julep recipes! As I drained off the water, attempted to describe the accidental bombing of hospitals, old folks homes, etc. The rumor sites have a thing for Buffy, Angel, and/or Firefly. I subscribed to a television. It will also be assured that if a white male, approximately 5′ 10″, 170 pounds, about 21 years of gas, electric, phone, credit card, 401k, and various others. You know that many languages? There was a big change. My mom had to interrupt her book. She had a hardback of some gardeners doing something I know how that would seem my new book. Because of this before. You know how most concerts have “that guy?” This festival had about a block and park using the scrubby brush you use a program running for several days, I finally got called and I pay the price.

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