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I do not usually do the meme thing, but thought this one was pretty fun and not the typical narcissistic quiz: Post a photo of yourself in the comments, then post this sentence in your own journal. (Stolen from [info]bruisedhips.)

This weekend was most excellent.

Friday, I got to hang out at The Basement for a while. There were a couple of times when I bought myself a drink at the same time someone else noticed my glass was empty so bought me a drink. After a few too many ciders, I stumbled home while the rest of the kids ran off to The Fez for more drinkering and dancering.

Saturday was the Euphoria show. It would have been nice to stick around for the whole thing, as we had to cut out at the intermission. There was food, drink, a number of performances by the instructors, and a great storyteller. Later Saturday was the Bad Things/Vagabond Opera/Circus Contraption show. As I said in an earlier mobile post, there were a lot of people in the audience who looked like hobos, vagrants, tramps, and land barons. There were a great many tophats (in various states of excellence and disrepair), handlebar moustaches, handlebar eyebrows, pointy beards, and monocles.

The first band was alright, but nothing to write home about. Vagabond was excellent. They had a whole new set of songs and at least one new band member. They finally replaced the girl they had previously (who moved off to Hawaii, as I recall.) Her stage presence really plays up the quiet timidness, but she can really belt out a strong operatic voice on par with Eric’s. We are not entirely sure of the electric cello player was new to the band (I thought he was at a previous show, Kim thought he was new.) This was the first time I have seen Circus Contraption. Unfortunately, this was an abridged show–mostly music because Dante’s Inferno does not really have enough room for their full performances, just some basic acrobatics and balancing. There was no beer bottle orchestra, either. The whole thing was an evening of excellent music and mediocre french fries.

Sunday was great, too, but in a much more mellow way. We slept late, ran around Powell’s (and was accosted by Eric!), ate take-out, then spent a quiet, relaxing evening reading in front of the fireplace. Yes, I picked up that book (“The Areas of My Expertise”) and discovered it was written by the guy who did the This American Life superpower episode (invisibility vs. flying.) That was actually one of the few that I purchased (on cassette! …this before they were all available through iTunes) for later listening.

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